Design is always a team effort. The client is always our first and best collaborator and team member. Our detail oriented, interview / design based approach to the production of programs, plans, and buildings yields results the client can use, understand, and value.


When each project is treated as its own unique endeavor, the team learns things along the way that shape the outcome. Many design teams come to the process with predetermined solutions they try to 'adjust' to fit the client needs. At DJA we strive to innovate in part by treating each project as a unique and precious opportunity to discover something new.


At DJA we work to understand who is impacted and who should be involved, so we can engage them throughout the design process. This approach leads to better project 'buy in' but more importantly, it yields richer and more valuable outcomes.


In Architecture, form capturing beautiful space to be used and enjoyed is the ultimate outcome. At DJA we believe form is the result of the process. Every project contains the capacity to engender discovery. That potential is what drives the work.