client:    art center college of design


type:   educational


location:    pasadena, ca


size:    36,000 sq ft


status:   built


team:   darin johnstone, sandra hutchings, matt liese, daniel romero, kris ibranan, jesus guerrero, kaylee hyun


photo credit:    © Lawrence Anderson Photography, Inc


published:    Pasadena Star News, Dot Magazine Spring 2014 and Fall 2013, Los Angeles Times, A+A, Architect's Newspaper, GOOOOD, HK


darin johnstone architects

The primary challenge posed by the charge to transform the original ‘Post Office’ building into a home for Art Center College of Design’s Fine Art and Illustration departments had to do with the potential relationship between the existing conditions and the program. The program of galleries, classrooms and offices filled the entire existing volume while still requiring an abundance of natural light. The existing building contained five natural light sources: a thirty foot square skylight above a double height atrium space in the center and double height voids in all four corners that we termed ‘light courts’. Formal galleries and circulation (conceived as informal galleries) were used to connect  all of the light courts effectively carving the mass of classrooms and studios with light.



Exhibition Hall

January 2017

Photo Credit: © Lawrence Anderson Photography Inc, Joshua White/, & Chuck Spangler